Know About Sugar, Herbal and Ayurvedic Lozenges: Sweetness Is healthier

Whether you are studying, working or travelling, whether in the office or school, on a date or just to revive your taste buds, confectionery items need a special mention! It is a favourite for all age groups. Confectionery items have the super ability to share love and happiness like no other!

Those innocent moments in childhood, or just an initiative to begin the conversation with your crush a candy works wonders! The fruit flavours that come in different gel colours and semi-transparent look are truly alluring.

But make sure that you are consuming the confectionery items from the best and leading confectionery manufacturers in India so that the health quotient is not compromised, but taken care of! Come; let us explore the different types of candies and dark chocolates with their unique features, in the market.

Hard boiled sugar

Perhaps the most commonly use and our first known candies since childhood! Hard exteriors with gel coloured look and juicy flavour of a typical fruit inside when the hard crust melts, yummy!

Lozenges, both herbal and Ayurvedic

The favourite and popular Lozenges need no description! A quick fact about these lozenges is that they are now available with herbal and ayurvedic components as well.

Fortified and functional

The confectionery manufacturers in India are constantly innovating new series of candies for their customers to ensure they are in good health and shape. Not only do they provide the essential vitamins, nutrients and minerals to the body, they can also help fight malnutrition!

Vita burst fortified

Vitamin tablets are just boring! Agree? Why don’t you try the vitamin candies from the trusted and pioneer confectionery manufacturers in India which combines the goodness of essential vitamin components and the sweetness of candies in varying flavours and colours. The different vitamin candies available are Vitamin A candy, Vitamin D3 candy, Vitamin C candy, Follic Acid Candy and Vitamin B12 candy.

Nutra-burst functional

Candies coming from the natural ingredients are like a boon to the people, especially kids. The commonly available nutra-burst candies are:

Lutein Candy

A candy that helps you with better vision and combat stress with the goodness of lutein! Start having each per day to fight the stress like a pro!

Curcumin Candy

A candy wrapped with the properties of an anti-oxidant, cancer resistant and that fights bowel and inflammation – don’t you think a candy is just out performing?

Ginger Candy

Ginger provides a number of health benefits from improving blood flow to treating nausea and vomiting, an anti-oxidant and also helps in treating throat related issues! A candy wrapped in flavours of ginger is just delicious!

Capsicum Candy

Did you know capsicum helps in faster metabolism? Hence this candy should be an integral part of your life if you are looking to lose weight!

Confectionery items coming with these critical health benefits are a boon to the society. Kids generally have more candies compared to adults, so if they are made to consume these, our kids will be stronger and healthier. But make sure you buy them from the best and leading confectionery manufacturers in India so that you don’t have to worry about your kid’s health. Come and indulge in the sweetness and share the love and joy with these delicious candies from the pioneer confectionery manufacturers in India.